Sarah Blanchard (CA)
Meganelizabeth Diamond (CA)
Emma Schwenke (AU)

May 5, 2018
The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada

Portals showcases the work of three female interdisciplinary artists. Through photo-media, sculpture and installation processes, each artist uses tactile processes to grasp at another’s memory, to relive their own, and to fabricate memories entirely. Here we consider their artistic practices as the manifestation of portals. These women give us access to worlds within their minds. Windows revealing sunbleached memories, all loosely strung together to form a fragmented framework, an idea of walls, the suggestion of a room. Finally, it is our minds, present and responding, that pull these almost-imaginaries into their almost-but never-finalised existence. The light feels us watching, presents the edges and fills in the body of form.


Processed with VSCO with g6 preset
Words by Kat Nancy


Artist and writer, Sarah Blanchard is currently based in Winnipeg, Canada, where she received her BFA (Hons) Degree at the University of Manitoba. The palpable quality of sculpture and the intangibility of light projections are paired in her practice to re-examine everyday objects and personal history. Her most recent work focuses on absence and preservation, a spectrum contained in the space between her memory of a particular place, and its real existence in time. In her sculptures, the use of salt signifies encasement, highlighting the symbolic weight that matter itself can carry.

Meganelizabeth Diamond is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is a collective member of Open City Cinema and helps co-program the Winnipeg Underground Film Festival. Her work has shown at aceartinc., PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts, The Edge Gallery, The 8Fest, San Diego Underground Film Festival, Artifact Film Festival and recently her audio walk at the national historic site, The Forks in conjunction with LandMarks 2017. Diamond sits on the board of directors of PLATFORM photographic centre + digital arts and recently completed her thesis work for her BFA Honours at the University of Manitoba.

Emma Schwenke is a social documentary photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Her photographs spotlight the relationship between environments, ranging from night clubs to aged care facilities, and their human inhabitants as an exploration of how this relationship influences the construction of identity. In 2018, Schwenke will graduate from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University with a Bachelor of Photography (Hons) majoring in Photojournalism and Documentary practice, and minoring in Art Practice.