katnancy collaborates with fellow artists, from the current base of Winnipeg, Treaty 1.

Their lens-based studies/practices lay the foundations of a through-line desire to unpack, and prompt others to unpack, the constructed nature of representation and perception, and how it relates to context, value systems and power. This desire manifests as immersive, context-reflexive, participatory experiments that invite us into a dance, – tantalizing, depriving and intoxicating the senses.

Soothing. Jarring. Delicious. Disgusting. 

Space and time are punctuated by the spill of a spotlight; the pulling, stretching, fraying of strings; the flutter of curtains, fluid walls that we have every autonomy to look behind, walk through; frames, vitrines we have all power to touch, dismantle, fill, ignore. The rigid becomes the squishy, the liquid. We swim. We dance. We feast. A communal consumption that bleeds, breathes, spills over and gets stuck in our hair, stuck on our eyes. Alerts us to our senses, our lenses, our blindspots. Pricks us awake – our winking, forget-me-not party favour.

Practices of play, rest and dreaming, are encouraged, shared and lead every stage of the process. Honouring nuance, fluidity and intuition – the dance continues, and is fed through an ongoing commitment to curiosity and collaboration.

– 2021