Emma Schwenke | Graham Wiebe
The Sunroom Artspace, Winnipeg, Canada
20 – 27 April, 2018

The Sunroom Artspace’s inaugural exhibition, CLUTCH provided some insider glimpses into current youth culture in Canada and Australia through the eyes of two emerging photographers who document their own lived experiences. The images were displayed in a way that blurred the lines between the two photographic practices. The documented places, atmospheres and interactions – quiet, loud, intoxicated and lucid – were encouraged to meet and intertwine.

About the artists:

Emma Schwenke is a social documentary photographer based in Brisbane, Australia. Her photographs spotlight the relationship between environments, ranging from night clubs to aged care facilities, and their human inhabitants as an exploration of how this relationship influences the construction of identity. In 2018, Schwenke will graduate from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University with a Bachelor of Photography (Hons) majoring in Photojournalism and Documentary practice, and minoring in Art Practice.

Graham Wiebe is a photo-based artist from Winnipeg, Canada. He received his B.F.A. (Hons) Degree at the University of Manitoba. Employing the snapshot as material toward a visual memoir, Wiebe’s photographs are a record of impulse and engagement. These fragmentary and still documents weave together to highlight the intersection of the urban and suburban landscapes, creating an intimate portrait of youth culture rooted in time, place and personal experience. Wiebe has created several works using the thematic of Halloween, exploring this holiday’s uncanny aesthetic as a way of questioning personal anxieties during a time of juvenile purgatory. His photographs have been exhibited and published internationally and in 2015, Wiebe won the AGO AIMIA Photography Scholarship Prize Program, exhibiting his series Summerland at the Art Gallery Of Ontario.

Documentation images: Kat Nancy