Hanna Reimer

Effort vs Chance
Hanna Reimer

Curated by Kat Nancy

OPENING EVENT: 5-8pm May 18
ARTIST TALK: 6pm May 18

The Sunroom Artspace
Winnipeg, Canada

In ‘Effort vs Chance,’ Hanna Reimer reflects the labour that is put into carving a lino relief, the instant gratification of making the final print, and how this process may be compared to how people rightfully or wrongfully go about putting effort into relationships. Effort and chance have fluctuating responsibility when it comes to the input and output of relationships, reflected in the imperfect lines of a ghost print, an unforeseen fold in paper, or a tear. The show will present pieces that form an analysis of missteps and miscommunications. They will playfully contrast the warmth and familiarity of a pillowcase with the cold architectural folds the fabric naturally falls into. Demonstrating how something so easily manipulated, like fabric, can put on an appearance of protection and rigidity as if it were in danger of being spread flat.

Hanna Reimer is a Winnipeg-based multidisciplinary artist currently working towards her BFA at the School of Art, University of Manitoba. Her work consistently explores topics of language, disconnect, and awareness. Texture, pattern, and hands-on processes play a crucial role in her practice, which in the past has manifested through experiments with fabric, silkscreen, ceramics, and painting. Her most recent work however, utilises lino prints and embossments. Hanna is a member of the Actually Milk Art Collective, who had their first exhibition in December 2017 and is currently, collectively cooking up their next.


Documentation images: Kat Nancy