Renovation of Realm

Renovation of Realm, 2015
Inkjet printed digital photographs

Renovation of Realm, 2015 is a series shot whilst visiting my childhood home. Despite spending 18 years here, whenever I return, it feels brand new again, a result of fresh paint, new timber flooring still with its scent, absence of furniture and mementos, the ‘home’ is reinvented, a newfangled environment. On my first return visit after moving 2,000km away to study, I viewed the abode as a life size dollhouse replica of what once was ‘home.’ A visually pretty, but fake version of reality, the lack of furniture, flooring and character corresponding with the lack of substance and feeling.

Now on my second visit, I’ve come to appreciate the open space each room offers, and the absence of heaviness that memories can bring about. I’m left feeling light, and able to allow the environment to inspire my artistic process. Each section of the house holds a colour that illuminates it, light seeps through coloured curtains, and bounces off coordinated walls, providing tones strongly differing from room to room. I’ve aimed to capture these vivid, yet calming atmospheres and the magic of their simplicity.

Utilising naturally occurring light, long exposures and abstract perspectives, I’ve aspired to capture ordinary surroundings in an extraordinary way, producing disorientating imagery that aims to alter the way we perceive existing elements of the everyday. Yes, I’ve looked at this doorway, this fan, curtain, wall, light, a countless amount of times throughout my life, but never before have I experienced their qualities the way I did while shooting this series. This reinvention of the banal, parallels with both the redefinition of ‘home,’ as well as the renovation of the domestic space.