Real Live Nude

Real Live Nude, 2016
Analogue Gallery, Brisbane, Australia

Collaboratively developed and presented by:
Kat Nancy (Lighting, Projections)
Saara Roppola (Performance, Soft Sculptures)
Francisca Vanderwoude (Performance, Single Channel Video)
Amanda Wolf (Soft Sculptures)

For one night only, SX+ Collective presents ‘Real Live Nude’, an immersive installation and performance art exhibition where you are invited to enter an otherworldly dreamspace inspired by the oft-maligned, but mostly misunderstood realm of strip clubs and sex-work. Exploring the good, bad, beautiful and in-between bits of a profession rarely promoted for its feminist potential, the SX+ artists are excited to create a safe, reflective, sex-positive space featuring fleshy sculptural works, sensuous light and video projection, an intriguing soundscape and of course, durational and interactive performance. Let us show you how subversive and surreal a strip club can be; we bring you a sex-positive portal celebrating agency, consent and female sexual power.

Presented for BARI Festival in conjunction with Analogue Gallery.

Images by Jaala Alex