The Universe is trying to being my attention to something I haven’t thought of. Something I still have yet to learn. I’m also being tested… that’s what they say.

It feels to me that this ‘test’ is do or die. Either I listen to the calling or I leave a mediocre life, safe. 

All day I sit, and dance by the window. I only leave the light to cook, get water, make tea, go to the bathroom, and go to bed. Otherwise I am here. Yesterday I cleaned this tiny space in the light. The rest of my place goes largely unattended to.

The Calling is so big that it’s hard to put language to it. I must change the makeup of my brain in order to live my calling. More diagrams. Make it all diagrams. Maps. Timelines. Find the post-its, find the blu tac, find the string. 


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