photo diary: winnipeg, 2017

images in no particular order. going through these I could sense that I was looking for something back then. it was a relentless search. I wanted to grasp something, and in the notes that went with the images, I described this also. I suppose I still feel that search but I can tell I have grown much more numb to my dissatisfaction. my appetite has dwindled. these are very winnipeg images, or rather, images that I feel are apt to portray how I feel about and within winnipeg. I remember, I was really fucking hungry, alone, and maddening.

back then I was studying, I was searching for a thread for the essays I was writing. I found the threads. It was through these images that I was able to process what my written words would be. I could sense it all but I needed the camera to show me. I needed the frame in order to see.

now again, through these pictures, a picture of me, I seek a mapping, an orientation. I’m looking to understand where I am, where I’ve been, how I work, what I need. – 19 February, 2022

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